Tactical Retrieval Unit Description

Tactical Retieval Unit  LogoThe Tactical Retrieval Unit (TRU) was formed to find, rescue, assist the injured in any kind of situation and investigate the unexplainable.
The team Lands as close to area as possible undetected and safe for Rescue, hostage or Extraction assignment.
TRU will prepare for extraction. Sometime to a facility or ship that is near by, other times we have to move to a safe location for extraction.
The TRU team are Doctors and have to determine what medication to administer there is no Hospital or Sickbay support in the field, communications will be out and supplies are what you can carry with you.

We RP in 3 parts:
1. Classroom and Training Learning the ropes and equipment.
These are Self paced and set by the Students time available.

2. Emergency Missions can come up at any time during the week.

3. Standard once a week set (TBA) Missions

Note: We go to multiple locations (ships land or space) at times. For organization purposes we have a Tactical Retrievers Doctor group so not to spam the main groups too much. We Recruit from Tactical mostly.
We welcome everyone as we run an open RP (you don’t have to be in a curtain group or division to RP with us). We also understand that some people do not want to go to curtain sims for personnel reasons so if we are doing a Multiple sim rp we will keep there Character in the sim they wish to stay, while keeping them in the rp.

We are Part of the G3 Gamer organization (A group of RPer throughout SL). Consisting of many RP groups and Tournaments.

Mission Commander Iceman Nirpaw