Fae’via & Solaris back story

The Federation of planets began exploring a new quadrant of space never before explored, they discovered the planet Fae’via.
an found that its inhabitants, a peaceful an deeply spiritual Winged Species ranging from 10-20 centimeters in hight where highly Technologically advanced even though the Technology used by the Fae’vians was alive an unlike anything federation ever had seen before.

Fairy info

the Planet Faevia is the Home world of the Fae’vians
There are 4 Different Realms on Faevia the Realm of Earth, the Realm of fire, the Realm of Air and the Realm of Water.
Each Realm is home to the fae’vians of that elemental and holds significant power and meaning to the fae.

Faevians live in perfect harmony with the Planet, never upsetting the delicate balance of Nature. And they are the caretakers of all life and nature. With the Gifts and Abilities given to them Favians can talk trees and all living things even to the planet itself and are attuned to the energies that surround them.

Faevia is a lush Green planet teaming with life and energy.
it is a forest planet with a thick canopy of trees covering much of its surface.


The Federation voted to Admit the Fae’via an the Fav’ian (Fae) people into the Federation of planets an placed a space station (Solaris space command) over the planet to continue exploring this vastly unknown region of space.

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