Solaris Space Station Homes

Price:  L$ 400    –     Prims: 200

If you’ve ever wanted to live on a space station you can now, our rooms have a great view of space with a second smaller adjoining room. You can also place items in the corridor outside you home. 200 prim allocation is available for rooms and corridor. More prims can be allocated at extra cost.

Rental sections : Lobby A Lobby B – C – D


Ring Area Rentals

Price:  L$ 400    –     Prims: 200

Similar build to the home rentals above with 8 residences placed around a ringed area giving home owners a community feel with close neighbours, each residential home is out of text chat range of each other.  More prims can be allocated at extra cost

Rental sections : Ring Area


Ship Docking Rentals

Price:  L$ 500    –     Prims: 250

                          Price:  L$ 1000   –     Prims: 500 (on request)

Rental sections:   C –D

You can live on you own space ship next to a docking port or around the space station, prims for all ships shouldn’t exceed 250 but larger prim allocation can be negotiable on request depending on sim resource at the time.  (Ship not included)


Shop Rentals

Price:  L$ 200    –     Prims: 100

Store rentals are available below the sim teleport point of the station for selling goods and displaying services.

Rental Section


For more information contact:

snapper Desade, wolferein foxdale, richmerk or Debbydo.