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CONTACT: Kendra Mollsen (koreeah resident)


Favians have Wings, although they are powered by the trees and the energies of nature, and if a fairy gives up caring for the trees and nature or strays too far for too long, their wings will begin to vanish. this is why no matter the amount of technology you will most of the time find Favians living close to nature as much as possible.

Favians range from 10-20 centimeters and up to the vary tallest at just under 1 foot when full grown. Baby fairies generally range on 1-3 centimeters, kids from 4-8, and teenagers from 9-12, overlapping with adults.

Faevians are superior to humans. It’s not an opinion, it’s fact. They live far longer. They have some psychic ability (not much, just intuition) as well as extremely good luck and genius level intellect. Faevians are also capable of performing astounding physical feats unimaginable to humans, like an ant that lifts a leaf weighing 3 times as much as it does.

Faevians love to live and laugh often they love to dance an drink Ale, they can be very mischievous at times and love to play jokes and tricks on people.

Fae’vian Home planet

fairy village2_003

the Planet Faevia is the Home world of the Fae’vians
There are 4 Different Realms on Faevia the Realm of Earth, the Realm of fire, the Realm of Air and the Realm of Water.
Each Realm is home to the fae’vians of that elemental and holds significant power and meaning to the fae.

Faevians live in perfect harmony with the Planet, never upsetting the delicate balance of Nature. And they are the caretakers of all life and nature. With the Gifts and Abilities given to them Favians can talk trees and all living things even to the planet itself and are attuned to the energies that surround them.

Faevia is a lush Green planet teaming with life and energy.
it is a forest planet with a thick canopy of trees covering much of its surface.

Fae’vian Religion and Gods

fairy village22_003

the Fae’vian Religion is shrouded in mystery to anyone who is an outsider.
it is a polytheistic religion with many gods at its core such as the god of the hunt, the god of the sun, the goddess of water and the goddess of the moon.

the Fae’vian Religion is a nature based religion worshiping the cycle of the solar year and the union of the goddess and the god.

along with meditation, deeply seeded rituals and fire dancing the fae’vian religion is often celebrated through magical ceremonies that utilize all the elementals from each of the 4 Fae realms.

By Kendra Mollsen (koreeah resident)


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