G3 Trilogy Plus Description:

G3 Gamers


First G3 is a Union of Role Players that has been around for a long time in SL, It is not a RP Group but consist of many RP Groups.

The Trilogy Plus is an group of Sci Fi Role Play Organizations, That together make up a Storyline.

How it works:
We start with a basic story line and each Organization in a curtain order adds there own Chapter to the Storyline based on what happened before them.

Iceman Nirpaw will let each organization know when its there turn to RP and after they finish the Division will report on what it had done in its RPed.


. All organizations are welcome just contact Iceman Nirpaw.

Past Members:
ACC Pilots (Commander Gokyu Ugajin)
Boai Maoyi [Joseph Maxx Firecaster]
Darkness of Space [Thorodan Kolanthel]
Malta Captain (Kieran Braveheart)
SecMed (T’Lara Ek’Tal (Melondyparis)] [Kieran Braveheart]
Tactical Retrieval Unit [ Iceman Nirpaw]
USS Summer Breeze [Moonglow (Shanna Oxygen)]

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