About U.S.S. Menelaus

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  • Start date
    Launched on 28 June 2008
  • Short description
    NCC-59847- Prometheus Class Deep Space Tactical Vessel, Location: Beta Antares Sector – USS Menelaus ( men’ela’us) CO:Tedra de Arr (Llewellyn) – XO: thlepa’ taj ech’ (Gurbux)
  • Long description

    The USS Menelaus NCC- 59847 is a Prometheus Class Starship launched on Stardate 080628 in 2383 under the command of Captain Bogle Richard. On Stardate 100803 in 2385 the command of the USS Menelaus was given to Commander Ezra Sweet. Due to her move to SS Abitus, the captaincy was given on Stardate 120907 in 2387 to Captain Tedra de Arr.

    Construction on the USS Menelaus took place at the Beta Antares Shipyards. Upon her commission the USS Menelaus was assigned to service with United Federation Starfleet 4th Fleet after crossing through the Khittomer Wormhole. On Stardate 101013 of 2384 the USS Menelaus was transferred to the 3rd Fleet under command of Commander Thallanor Rasmuson, officer commanding SS Athena. On Stardate 120525 the ship was transferred to the newly founded Task Force 2. Her primary assignment remains the same, to defend and protect UFS & it’s allies from foreign aggressors.

    The USS Menelaus was created by Lt. Commander Sebastian Carducci, Captain Tedra de Arr and Captain Kosmos Asturias our Chief Engineer and building wizard. It is currently fully active with some minor maintenance and a major refit in some parts.

    Out of the 15 Decks the ship possesses, 11 are accessible and highly interactive. Each Crew member gets quarters on board and an allowance of up to 25 Prims to spend.

    The ship also possesses two fully interactive holodecks with lots of scenes to chose. New scenes can also be submitted. The Holodeck version is of Novatech.

    We have several support crafts, which can be taken for a leisurly flight around the perimeter of the ship and beyond to visit for example the tropical surface.

  • Awards
    – Ship of the Month: January 2384
    – Ship of the Month: November 2384
    – UFS Unit Citation: 2412
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