Solaris at the Sci-Fi Convention 2016


Solaris station had a booth at the sci-fi convention 2016, which is one of the most popular relay for life charity sponsored events, the convention run between March 18 -27, it covered 6 sims and over 100 booths.

The design merky and wolfie put together was open planned on the ground, it had a giant kneeling wire frame statue holding a sun encased in shielding. There was a teleport links to the space station, posters, seats for people to chat and relax in.
You could also teleport to inside the globe which had pictures of parts of the station and information to view.

Just logo

The nature of it being mostly open planned was so it was easier to meet and greet those who wondered past and it worked fantastically, throughout the days it was open you would often see a small crowd standing around chatting to crew, it became a nice social area, which is exactly how we view Solaris Space Station to be.

We had a great time at the con, met lots of people, joined many up to the group and a host of new contacts who want to spend time at the station or Role Play with us.

Solaris Ad 1

It was a busy week for most of the Solaris Stations senior staff as not only were they manning the booth, they were part of the organisation team of the convention which help set things up, build, script, organise and participate in events.

Join us back there next year.





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