Solaris Support Fleet

Solaris Station is attracting more and more attention from people throughout the galaxy. This increases trade and visitors to the station, but unfortunately it also means the station’s becoming more of a target for criminals, smugglers and some of the more dangerous organisations out there.
In order to protect this station, Starfleet sent out Captain Harry Sørensen and Captain RoBobby McMillan. With two recently updated vessels, the USS Franklin and the USS Odyssey, they created the Solaris Support Fleet. The fleet’s mission: to protect Solaris from whatever threats are out there.

The Solaris Support Fleet is a roleplay fleet consisting of flyable vessels. Their mission: to protect Solaris Station from whatever harm may come its way.
At the moment, that’s just the USS Franklin and the USS Odyssey, both docked at the station. Both ships are freely accessible by anyone.
It’d be great if more ships joined in later on, but right now, it’s just the Franklin and the Odyssey.

The point of the Solaris Support Fleet is to provide a 24/7 RP environment for whomever is interested. There will be both scheduled and impromptu RPs: a schedule will be available in the Solaris Support Fleet office.

If you’re interested, or want more information, please contact:
RoBobby McMillan, USS Odyssey
Harry Sørensen, (tjurgen.resident), USS Franklin.

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