Solaris Support Fleet – History

It’s been a brutal few years for Starfleet. The Dominion War is just over, but Starfleet has suffered significant losses. It’s time to rebuild and explore. In the far corners of the Federation, near the infamous Briar Patch in sector 441, a new station is built. Slowly but surely, Solaris Station takes shape.

A remote Outpost at first, the Station slowly was expanded into a major Operations Hub for the Federation, trade with the near Ba’ku starts to pick up even more frequent than first anticipated. The Station becomes a Social Hub and magnet for many sorts of characters. But with every light there is a shadow too. Smugglers, low life, criminals and people left behind by the Federation in the War, are drawn to it.

Solaris itself was never intended to be anything more than a remote base, but faced with new responsibilities and new threats to the Federation. The Station Command is requesting patrol vessels in order to at least patrol the near systems and eventually defend the Station. Unfortunately, the Federation still hasn’t recovered from the previous war with the Dominion yet. Realizing the strategic importance of Solaris , Starfleet assigns 3 combat hardened Veterans to Solaris: Captains McMillan, Sørensen and Slade. Their Mission is simple: Protect Solaris and it’s neighboring Sectors by any means necessary.

Starfleet can’t spare any state of the art ships though… but they did have a few old ships, which were simply gathering dust. These were experimental designs, created roughly 200 years ago, which were never put in production. It is upon these vessels that the three captains arrive at Solaris: the Artemis class frigates USS Franklin and USS Odyssey, and the Hunter class attack vessel USS Nexus.

And so, the work begins. Updating the many systems to the Starfleet regulations of the 24th century proves to be impossible, so the three captains decide to only replace the most necessary parts, like the computer- and warpcores. Besides their ships though, they need crews as well, but Starfleet has already made it clear they can’t simply send additional crew this far out. So, the captains turn to the Solaris Station crew, travelers passing by and people looking for action. And so, the Solaris Support Fleet is created: a fleet that officially answers to Starfleet, but doesn’t go out of its way to always follow Starfleet’s rules and regulations to the letter. Their mission, after all, is to protect Solaris Station by *any* means necessary…

Sadly, disaster strikes the Solaris Support Fleet in their early days: because Captain Slade succeeded in making the USS Nexus operational first, she took her ship out to patrol the outer edges of the system. Unfortunately, she never came back. Once operational, the USS Franklin and the USS Odyssey went out searching for her, but there was no sign of her.

With just Sørensen and McMillan left, both captains decide to keep on going, protecting Solaris Station… and hopefully find out what happened to Slade…