An introduction and welcome to our group (16th Fleet)

Please feel free to explore and look around. We only have a few simple rules that we ask you to follow while you are here

1. This is an M-rated sim, so please conduct yourself accordingly. Proper modest dress is required in all public areas. Sexual comments and gestures occur “off-screen.” Proper language is expected in open chat.

2. People from any Star Trek role play group are welcome here. Please keep all local chat positive with respect to any of the various Star Trek groups and their leaders.

3. Be polite and courteous to others. Conduct yourself like a Starfleet officer at all times.

4. Please, confine yourself to the public locations. All public locations may be accessed via the sim-wide teleport systems or simply by walking. If you find yourself flying or sit-hacking to a location, you’re probably not in a public location.
The 16th Fleet is a Star Trek role-playing group based in Second Life. We are a session-based role-playing group, which means that our primary role playing takes place during a regular meeting of our players. Unscheduled role playing is welcome, but the story that we are all telling only moves forward during those regular role-playing sessions.

RP Session
Delta Prime
Wednesdays 11am-1pm SLT
U.S.S. Urania
Director: Bull Hammer (BullHammer Resident)
You do not need to be a member to RP with the 16th Fleet. Non-members take on the role of “Crewman 3rd Class” and can participate fully, albeit in supporting roles, in all RP. At the 16th Fleet,
If you wish to become a member of the 16th Fleet, you may submit an application to become a provisional member. Provisional members participate in our RP sessions as crewmembers, NCOs, and cadets. After a short period of time to familiarize yourself with our RP style and organization, you will become an associate member.
Our members use ranks for role playing purposes but only within role playing. For purposes of running and organizing our role playing, once you become an member you are free to have a RP rank appropriate to the role you are playing.
Our role-playing sessions are free form with one of the participants acting as the primary story designer and arbiter. This person is called “Director” and it is his or her job to prepare the sets, write on overall story, and help drive the action during the role-playing session. The other players add details to the overall framework and also make decisions regarding which direction the story will take. This all takes place in local chat, group chat, and IMs.
The 16th Fleet is currently (2392) assigned to an area of space on the other side of the “Briar Patch” from the core of the Federation. The 16th is a “mobile fleet” with a mission area that moves from time to time. At present, the 16th Fleet is tasked with exploration and security in its mission area.
This list contains a number of the ships and locations that have been established either through background information given by our Directors or through role playing. This list is not complete or exhaustive, but consists of “common knowledge” that most people assigned to the 16th Fleet would know.

U.S.S. Spock
Epsilon-class Exploration Frigate (Kirk sub-class)
16th Fleet

U.S.S. Urania
Delta-class Corvette (Calliope-sub-class)
Part of 16th Pursuit Group

U.S.S. Thresher
Intrepid-class Exploration Cruiser
16th Fleet

Maspalomas Station
Sentinel Series Monitoring Station
16th Fleet