16 Fleet Background


16th Fleet Role Playing is set in the era after the return of U.S.S. Voyager. In our story, U.S.S. Spock. an Epsilon-class Exploration Frigate assigned to 16th Fleet, has just begun a survey mission in unexplored space on the far side of the Briar Patch. The survey area is within proximity to the Breen Confederacy and contact with Breen exploration vessels is expected. U.S.S. Spock is tasked with surveying the assigned area, investigating rare phenomena, exploring newly discovered worlds. and seeking out new life and new civilizations.

U.S.S. Spock is supported by the 16th Pursuit Group, comprised of 12 Delta-class Corvettes. These small ships do not have the endurance of an Exploration Frigate but their cruise velocity of warp factor 9.975 allows them to keep pace with U.S.S. Spock, extending the survey range of and providing supporting firepower should the need arise. Away from the regular supply lines and support bases, U.S.S. Spock provides the 16th Pursuit Group with necessities and maintenance facilities.